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February 1st, 2021

Since grade school, we’re taught to look our best for picture day. Now that you’re old enough to pick your own clothes and Mom isn’t rummaging through your closet and styling your hair, what do you do? Not everybody has a personal stylist on speed dial, so today I’ll be sharing some helpful tips on picking the right outfit for your photoshoot.

Tip: Remove all items such as keys and phones out of your pockets before your shoot. Also remove any hairbands on your wrists. 

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The location of your session can make or break what outfits you choose. You’ll want to provide some sort of contrast, but nothing too harsh. You don’t want to blend in with the environment, but you also don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb.

• Greenery - If shooting in a lush and leafy area, you’ll want to avoid wearing any sort of muted browns or greens. Although red is opposing green on the color wheel, bright red can sometimes be too “in your face” in the photography world. Try sticking to beiges, oranges, and whites. Light purple options like lilac and lavender also look nice.

• Red Rocks - Now is the time for your greens to shine! Deep and dark emerald or hunter greens look amazing against the fiery backdrop. Avoid reds and oranges.

• Yellow Tones - When your location shows more yellow and neutral tones, like an open field with dead grass, navies and greys are awesome options! They provide the right amount of contrast, without being too overwhelming.


Movement is EVERYTHING when it comes to photography. Flowy dresses and shirts that pick up in the wind look beautiful and give your eyes something to focus on. Depending on your session and package, most photographers allow an outfit change. It’s great to have a still outfit and a loose outfit. Bring a pair of jeans with a casual top, and also something free-flowing that can provide motion.

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When it comes to sharing the lens with your loved ones, whether it be engagement photos or a regular family shoot, colors are everything!

Neutrals - Beiges, tans, and whites can look stunning in almost any situation. When in doubt, pick neutrals!

Compliment but don’t match - Think back to those basic and boring family photos from the early 2000’s with everyone in matching flannels and jeans. NO THANK YOU! Matching in couples or family photos can come off as cheesy and unnatural. Choose a complimentary color scheme and mix in some neutrals to tie it all together.

Contrast - This goes hand and hand with the location of your session. Providing contrast with the environment around you can help make your photos more visually pleasing. You’ll want to pop from the landscape, but not in an overpowering way.

Spice It Up!

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Now that you’ve got the basics down, how do you achieve the final look? Add a little bit of spice to enhance the appeal!

Layers - Adding layers like vests, cardigans, or kimonos adds dimension to your outfit.

• Texture - Textures are my absolute favorite! Detailed shots of lace or organza look beautiful and really add charm to your photos.

• Patterns - You can never go wrong with a pattern! Florals and polka dots always look great. Chunky stripes also look good, but try to stay away from any sort of thin stripes, as they tend to look a little wonky in your final images.

Accessories - Hats and shoes, hats and shoes, hats and shoes!!! These two items really complete a full look. Don’t be afraid to over accessorize!

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