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February 15th, 2021

In the modern world, social media is the main way to get your art out there. I don’t have a personal Instagram, as I’m not a fan and feel it’s on the more toxic side of social media. When I started my business, I was concerned I would have to give in and create one. Once I realized how well I was doing on Facebook, all of those worries went away. You don’t need a plethora of socials to get engagement and book clients. In 4 months of starting my Facebook page, I gained over 8,500 followers. Granted, I had a photoshoot go viral and that helped me gain about 2,500 followers - but the remainder were completely organic. Today I’ll be sharing HOW I was able to gain such a large following in a short amount of time, and book so many clients.

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I’ll admit, sometimes I’m not the best at this, but my goal for the 2021 year is to show more consistency online. The frequency of your posts greatly impacts your engagement.

Regular Posting

Not only should you be posting your regular photo sessions, but go above and beyond! Market your business and post more than just photos. Share tips, techniques, and advice to your viewers.


Share sneak peeks, events, and general personal life situations on your story! It reminds your followers that you’re there and shows new viewers a glimpse of your dedication.


Share, share, share!!! Get your work out there for more than just your followers to see.

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• Personal - I always share my business posts on my personal page for friends and family to see. My business page may not be prioritized on their timeline/news feed, so sharing it on your personal helps boost your views and engagement.

• Groups - Local groups often ask for photographer recommendations. Whether this be a town group asking for a family session, or a wedding group asking for a wedding! Join as many local groups as you can and share your work. Doing this gets your name out there, and even if the original poster takes their business elsewhere, people reading the comments may be interested instead.

• Publishers - Share your content to publishers! If you’re featured in their magazine or website, you’ll get their follower’s attention as well.

• Ads - Facebook Ads are really helpful when you don’t have a large following or clientele.


Having reviews to validate the quality of your work is super important. When I buy something on Amazon, it’s a no-go if there are no reviews. Photography is the same way for most. You could show amazing work, but without the endorsement of your previous clients, people will just keep searching. Getting reviews can be difficult, most people don’t want to take the time to leave one, so how can you increase your reviews?

• Ask - When you send a client their final gallery, leave a short and sweet line about how appreciative you would be if they left you a review.

• Offer them something in return - Even when you ask for reviews, people tend to overlook that request. Make them WANT to leave a review. When you book a session with me, you get X amount of photos based on the package you purchase. The remainder of the photos will go in an “optional” file, where you can purchase them if you feel so inclined. When I send my clients their gallery, I offer them one free “optional” photo of their choosing, in exchange for a review. Some photographers offer discounts towards the next session in return for a review.

• Follow up - You never want to pester your clients, but one follow-up never hurt anybody! If you’ve yet to hear back after asking or offering, send them an email asking them about their experience. Did they have fun during your session, are they enjoying their gallery, would they be willing to share their experience? 

•WOM - I’ve spoken more in depth about the importance of word of mouth in my Becoming a Photographer blog. Similar to reviews, they’re a credible way for future clients to hear about your business.


Let your clients and viewers know you’re there! Providing them with some sort of interaction, other than posting, helps show them you as a person and not just your business. Reply to comments, respond to messages promptly, follow their businesses back and engage with their content.

Another great way to interact is inviting people who have previously engaged with your page! If somebody has shared your post and another person likes it, invite them to like your page.

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